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Dubai’s new health system

A new system for better health

For the first time in our region, Dubai Health has brought together all the elements of an integrated academic health system. Our four integrated missions – Care, Learning, Discovery and Giving – gain strength from each other, creating a dynamic and supportive healthcare ecosystem, with you at its heart.

An integrated system built around you

Regulated by Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dubai Health oversees and operates an integrated portfolio with health organizations across the Emirate.
Experience our deep commitment to your health
and wellbeing
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The benefits of an Academic Health System

Through a shared vision and culture, successful academic health systems around the world have proven to deliver an elevated standard of care by integrating knowledge, people and capabilities
enjoy a personalized and compassionate approach to their care underpinned by evidence-based expertise.
Health care providers
are empowered to deliver the best care by leveraging resources, and expertise throughout this new system of health.
are offered a rich array of interdisciplinary programs, hands-on clinical experiences, and research opportunities.
benefit from greater access to resources, technologies and data to fuel medical discovery.
enable innovative research and medical education that meet the evolving needs of our patients and give hope to those in need.

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