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28 October 2023

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News MBRSC and Dubai Health sign agreement to elevate astronaut health and space healthcare innovation

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) announced the signing of an agreement with Dubai Health to cooperate in the provision of an optimum environment to ensure the health and safety of astronauts, in addition to enhancing innovation in health sciences. The agreement was signed by H.E. Salem Humaid AlMarri, Director General, MBRSC, and H.E. Dr. Amer Sharif, CEO, Dubai Health, at the Centre’s headquarters recently.

H.E. Salem Humaid AlMarri, Director General, MBRSC, said, “The health and safety of our astronauts are paramount, and this agreement will ensure that they receive the best possible care before, during, and after their missions. In the rapidly evolving space sector, collaboration is the way forward. By integrating our efforts with Dubai Health, we are not only enhancing the well-being of our astronauts but also pushing the boundaries of space healthcare and driving innovation in health sciences. This partnership not only strengthens our capabilities but also underscores the UAE’s commitment to pioneering advancements in space and health technologies.”

H.E. Dr. Amer Sharif, CEO, Dubai Health, said, “Emirati astronauts are a source of national pride and a significant asset for the UAE in advancing knowledge, scientific capabilities, as well as raising our great country's profile on a global stage. At Dubai Health, we are proud to play a direct role in ensuring the health and safety of our astronauts by offering an environment for quality healthcare, providing comprehensive health assessments and supporting the monitoring of health during space missions.”

He further commented, “This agreement aligns with our strategic objectives, encompassing key pillars of care, learning and discovery to elevate the standard of care and to advance health for humanity, whilst helping to strengthen our nation’s healthcare and space capabilities.”

The agreement outlines a range of initiatives by MBRSC to ensure the health and well-being of astronauts. In cooperation with Dubai Health, the Centre will conduct comprehensive health assessments for astronauts prior to mission deployment, including medical examinations, screenings, and evaluations to ensure fitness for space travel.

Furthermore, MBRSC will provide astronaut training programs in collaboration with Dubai Health, ensuring that astronauts are adequately prepared for health-related protocols and emergencies, in addition to integration and exchange of health data with healthcare providers for comprehensive astronaut care. Both entities will also work together to enhance medical technologies and methodologies related to space healthcare, fostering continuous improvement.

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11 July 2024
News Dubai Chambers donates AED15 million to Al Jalila Foundation for the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital

Dubai Chambers announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Al Jalila Foundation, donating AED15 million to support the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital, the first fully integrated and comprehensive cancer hospital in Dubai.

Dubai Chambers’ donation to the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital exemplifies their unwavering commitment to enhancing community welfare and supporting critical initiatives that improve quality of life.

The MoU was signed by His Excellency Abdul Aziz Abdulla Al Ghurair, Chairman of Dubai Chambers, and Her Excellency Dr. Raja Easa Al Gurg, Chairperson of Al Jalila Foundation Board of Directors and Dubai Health Board Member, at the Dubai Chambers’ headquarters.

His Excellency Abdul Aziz Abdulla Al Ghurair said: “In line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to strengthen social responsibility, Dubai Chambers is keen to support national projects that contribute to improving the quality of life and enhancing community services, thereby fostering social and economic development.”

Al Ghurair added: “Our cooperation with Al Jalila Foundation to support the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital reflects our commitment to the principles of social responsibility and the importance of charitable and humanitarian work, as part of our ongoing efforts to effectively contribute to serving the community.”

Expressing her gratitude for the donation, Her Excellency Dr. Raja Al Gurg said: “We are grateful to Dubai Chambers for their generous contribution toward establishing Dubai’s first comprehensive cancer hospital. Through this collaboration and the power of giving, Al Jalila Foundation is paving the way for enhanced care for cancer patients and their families in Dubai. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to foster a healthy and sustainable society, enhancing health and wellbeing through humanitarian, developmental, and community-focused efforts.”

Al Jalila Foundation is currently developing the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital, spanning 56,000 square meters. The hospital will feature 50 clinics, 30 clinical research areas, 60 infusion rooms, 10 urgent care rooms, five radiotherapy rooms, and 116 beds, complemented by 19 gardens spread across the campus. These gardens will offer patients space for recovery and opportunities to spend time outdoors with their families, promoting enhanced mental well-being.

The new facility will house a multidisciplinary team, including specialized nursing staff, and will provide integrated healthcare services from initial diagnosis through treatment, ensuring comprehensive care under one roof. Selected treatments and services will also be accessible to patients in their homes, ensuring continuity of affordable care and reflecting Dubai Health’s commitment to prioritizing patient needs.

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10 July 2024
News DP World foundation donates AED15 million to Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital

DP World Foundation has donated Dh15 million to Al Jalila Foundation to support the development of the Hamdan bin Rashid Cancer Hospital, highlighting its commitment to corporate social responsibility and community welfare.
The contribution is part of DP World Foundation's broader efforts to support vital healthcare services and improve access to quality healthcare for cancer patients.

The allocated funds will support the development of Dubai's first integrated cancer hospital, scheduled to open in 2026. The advanced healthcare facility, which is being established in collaboration with the Al Jalila Foundation, will feature 50 clinics, 30 research areas, 60 infusion rooms, and 116 inpatient beds spread across a sprawling 56,000-square-metre campus.

His Excellency Nasser Abdulla Al Neyadi, Chief Officer Group Security, Government Relations & Public Affairs (GRPA), and DP World Foundation, presented the contribution during a visit to the Al Jalila Foundation, including the Mohammed Bin Rashid Biomedical Research Centre, where he met with key healthcare officials and stakeholders.

HE Al Neyadi said: "We are deeply committed to making a real difference in society, and this donation reflects our dedication to supporting healthcare institutions and ensuring that quality care is accessible to everyone. We are proud to contribute to such a respected institution leading the way in cancer care and research. Together, we aspire to foster a healthier future for all."

Dr. Amer Al Zarooni, CEO of the Al Jalila Foundation, said: "We extend heartfelt gratitude to the DP World Foundation for their generous donation towards the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital. The collaboration exemplifies the transformative impact of partnerships in accelerating the delivery of critical healthcare services and further emphasizes Dubai Health's commitment to improving the health and well-being of our community.

Together, with the support of our partners, we are steadfast in our dedication to transforming lives and ensuring better health for everyone."

The philanthropic arm of DP World, DP World Foundation, is committed to promoting social responsibility and supporting those in need, regardless of nationality, race, or religion. Earlier this year, DP World Foundation contributed Dh 10 million to the Mothers' Endowment Campaign launched to support the education of millions around the world.

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3 July 2024

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